Xrp holders chart

By GraineJuly 10, in General Discussion. Once upon a time there was a list of all XRP holders at the old forum. The list of top is in the post below. Back in the day we had a complete list. Now there's too much of activated wallets to warrant it.

TRADING PSYCHOLOGY: xrp holders and the denial

In case anyone's interested, I can offer to upload a recent ledger somewhere. Shouldn't take 30 minutes to download and analyze then. Probably Coincheck's fault or Kraken's.

Maybe if you would filter through stream without assembling objects each time - it might take less. But I am no coder. That said, if anyone could show me how to use the new "type" param from the link I added in the first post - it would definitely improve the time.

Amongst other things. If iterating through a million JSON entries takes half an hour, you should check what your program is actually doing or process the data locally, in case the data doesn't fit into RAM for example.

I wrote a small script to check for accounts with NoFreeze flags for example, and it finishes in a few seconds - most of which is loading the json file in RAM. I just did a quick and dirty top list and it also just takes a few seconds. Could be faster with a more sophisticated approach, but for now it seems fast enough. Make one.

xrp holders chart

I tried to use quartile function for this, but it showed ridiculous results. That's how I got my ledger dump too. The ledger command should have the possibility to use type param too. Or so the pull said. But I couldn't make it work. You don't have the KEYS for these do ya?The motivations and causes of denialism include religion, self-interest economic, political, or financialand defence mechanisms meant to protect the psyche of the denialist against mentally disturbing facts and ideas.

Denialism starts when a trader abandons his rules or worse yet has noneand trades whatever feels or looks right whenever it feels or looks right. Once the trade is entered, denialism begins to spread like a cancer looking for its next body part to attack. The disease grows in stages, with each successive stage sucking more life out of its victim.

Rules make sense, the market does not, so why make rules? Rules are for boneheads, children, students, mathematicians, and sports pros but not for self-employed traders, we reason. If there is any place that needs structure it is in our approach to an unstructured market. If there is any place where we can practice true freedom it is in the market…where we have the freedom to choose the rules we will follow. Structured freedom keeps unstructured abandon from rearing its ugly head and can help keep the trader from advancing to stage 2.

We need to study more patterns and strategies and indicators; we need to sign up for more newsletters; we need to read more stock trading books, we need more monitors, etc. The market has no rules of its own so we impose cute little rules of our own asking the market not to break them. The rules are not for the market but for ourselves. They are designed to protect us against ourselves, not against the market.

The market just is; we are. We convince ourselves that we did not take all the factors into consideration.

How could we? We were ignorant! We deny the fact that there is more to the market than patterns; we deny that there are other traders taking opposite positions; we deny the random nature of markets; we deny our inability to ever know everything there is to know about market behavior. Unless we are able to read the collective minds of every one who is trading a particular market during a particular time frame we will never know everything there is to know about the market.

We either accept this fact, plan for it, and manage it planned awareness or we deny it and micro-manage it.

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Micro management in stock trading is simply another word for over analyzing and over analyzing will lead to frustration and stage 3.Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. Wonder how many people have lost money in the last few years investing in xrp after watching YouTube vids. Anyone can make a prediction. This is a rolling stone down a hill, new world changing technology.

Anyone who has done ANY research into this subject can see we are on the cusp of a global technology that wont just go away because some people say its garbage.

Do yourself a favor, open your mind, do some research, and then spew your negativity with some ammo. Which is what you dont have now.

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Almost every country in the world and their respective governments are serously looking into crypto. Crypto is not just bitcoin. Remember when the internet came along, or are you to young to have gone through that? Remember Amazon? We are laying the ground floor of a global movement here. And when it takes off, you will be saying, damn, i should have looked into that crypto thing better and invested in some of the many crypto projects that are out there right now making big waves and changing the way the world does business.

Just my 2cents. Its not going away. Finally 2 billion in the hands of stacks with less than 10k. Envision a buck, 2 or 3 upside as well as ZERO on the down. Come on there's 93 billion out there to be sold and this is the real story. Okay be pro xrp, but with open eyes, ears and most importantly mind. Thanks for putting out a helpful video, moving from XRP to BTC has been profitable, turned out to be an awful year in the world of Crypto falling from to and it caused a great loss, during the fall I lost most of coins and never wanted to buy BTC again until I saw comment about a Day trader Mr.

James Long who was giving accolades and good review.

xrp holders chart

I reached him and he introduced me to his specially designed layout which helps you get right signals before trading, with his strategy I increased my portfolio from 0. Need to be watching btc. Thats what will decide the move. Atm its pushed threw the ema and the level after I hope it holds. Alex, how did you make the chart?

What feature do you use of tradingview for this? There was no talk of it going near 20 cents then and when suggested that it could go down or that the 30 cent mark doesn't mean anything you got butt hurt and blew it off like it was foolish. Just stick to reporting the news, which you're okay at…as your chart reading and analysis is a joke and you know it. Falling Wedge. The Falling Wedge is a bullish pattern that begins wide at the top and contracts as prices move lower. This price action forms a cone that slopes down as the reaction highs and reaction lows converge.

Charts dont mean anything for xrp imo. Xrp will be something big, ripple has jumped through hoops and hasnt rushed into this.

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Big guys are going to roll in hard. Money wont even be a thought. Just do what you like and create some jobs for people. Everyday Alex gathers his minions around, and everyday they drink the Kool Aid.Ripple XRP is raising two opposing reactions on social media - wild enthusiasm and readiness to invest, as well as total distrust.

Some believe a displacement of Bitcoin by Ripple will in fact damage the freedom and independence of cryptocurrency holders. And yet the project has a troubling side, where newbie retail investors would buy alongside with deep-pocketed financial holders. Some of the warnings revolve around Ripple having potentially centralized tools to control the money supply, almost in the manner of a central bank:.

Their plan is to get the world's population to use a coin only they can control. Ripple is perfect for this. Control Money Supply. The founders of Ripple also hold enough XRP coins, outside of the lockdown program, to swerve the market. At the moment, Chris Larsen has around 5.

TRADING PSYCHOLOGY: xrp holders and the denial

The Ripple project also has 55 billion XRP coins in escrow, with a scheme to release up to 1 billion coins per month on the free market. There is an additional holding reserved for free distribution for testing purposes by banking entities. Some believe the ascent of XRP may be the end of Bitcoin where other altcoins failed to even make a dent in Bitcoin's reputation. Since Ripple does not have a blockchain like Bitcoin, it's a bit more difficult to scour the ledger for a wealth distribution.

But at the moment, there are very few new small Ripple wallets. Most of the coins, already significantly appreciated, are held in large wallets.

Because of the low price of the coin, XRP is still concentrated in a few hands. So the up and coming entrance of small retail investors may spread the wealth, or it may hurt the newcomers who buy at a much higher price. Less than 2, accounts hold vast storages of XRP coins. At the same time, there are hundreds of thousands of small addresses with up to XRP.

At least initially, this unbalanced picture of old accidental "Whales" and newcomers with a few coins may create a risk for small-scale buyers just entering the world of cryptocurrencies. But it is best not to over-invest in XRP, as the technology's application is still unclear and there may be a deep correction from all-time highs.

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XRP Holders Will Be The Next 1% Of Wealthy People!

The Ripple Lockdown Fund The Ripple project also has 55 billion XRP coins in escrow, with a scheme to release up to 1 billion coins per month on the free market. Top Whale Wallets Since Ripple does not have a blockchain like Bitcoin, it's a bit more difficult to scour the ledger for a wealth distribution.However if you think like an institutional trader you can use this time of capitulation to accumulate this digital asset at a low price meaning more profit when the asset goes parabolic again.

The cryptocurrency market works in cycles, just like all markets in existence, they all go through cycles. Now I would like to show you a long term weekly logarithmic chart dating XRP price action back to late Yeah, there was a lot of capitulation and negativity in the community at the time and people thought XRP was never going to go up again, but after a deep bear market, what happened? Would have been really bad to sell during that time right?

xrp holders chart

So what happened after the big impulse? A day consolidation phase which then turned into what? So whats going on right now? It just seems like we are repeating the deep bear market phase and we are just waiting for that one day where it just goes insanely parabolic again. Looking at history, I have no doubt we will go parabolic again, we just need to hold through the cycles and not capitulate!

Holding at times like this can very tough, but we know the reward that comes with accumulating and holding XRP for a lengthy period of time. Our day will come again. Stay strong. Be patient. With all the great news we hearing every single day, we know exactly where this ecosystem is going. Skip to content. August 10, August 10, calex AMB cryptoblockchaincoindeskcointelegraphcryptocrypto newsdailyhodldigital asset investorforbesrippleripple xrp newsxroxrpxrprightnowyahoo finance.

Data Shows. August 12, August 12, calex C Cloud 2.Since the peak of the crypto market inXRP has been a shell of its former self from a charting perspective. One popular crypto technician made this sentiment clear when he shared the chart seen below on April 13th, accentuating that XRP is in a bad spot from a macro perspective.

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Namely, it has seen less selling pressure and XRP continues to see use in institutional fintech products, which could boost its adoption and therefore its price. Data for Q1 of is not yet available, but fintech company Ripple — which uses XRP in its institutional products to act as a means of settlement — claims to have been selling less and less of the cryptocurrency, which it holds billions of dollars worth of. The below chart from crypto data provider Messari paints the picture of this trend well, which shows a steep drop in the amount of the coins Ripple is selling from Q2 of to Q3 and Q4 of that same year.

Furthermore, Ripple continues to use XRP in its flagship product, On-Demand Liquidity, which uses the cryptocurrency as a bridge of sorts to connect global foreign exchange markets in between banks. The product benefits from the speed of the ledger backing the coin, which offers relatively fast and cheap transaction times when compared when traditional payment means.

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Ripple XRP ownership. What XRP holders don’t know

Follow Us.XRP is the digital asset native to the Ripple system. It is touted as being easy to use with almost free, instant transactions. Ripple is built upon distributed open source protocol, a consensus ledger and the aforementioned digital asset known as XRP. Built for enterprise use, XRP enables real-time global payments anywhere in the world.

XRP offers banks and payment providers a reliable, on-demand option to source liquidity for cross-border payments and has been increasingly adopted by banks and payment networks as settlement infrastructure technology.

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